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Dont Mow

Tuesday 4th August 2015 Don’t Mow, Let it Grow! – Have your say on short V long! This is a new project is aiming to challenge our desire for neat and tidy mown grass. Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council in partnership with Transport NI and Northern Ireland Environment Agency secured Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF) […]

Bats Bio-recording Project

Bats Bio-recording Project

Bats are shy and unobtrusive animals, seen only in the dim light at dusk.  Their wings make them look bigger than they really are, and as they swoop down after insects, people may sometimes feel uneasy.  Just not knowing much about them leads to misconceptions. To dispelling a couple of the most common myths about […]

Red Squirrel

The native Red Squirrel is one of our most iconic and best-loved mammals, it is small and delicate with a deep red coat, bushy tail and tufted ears. Coniferous woodland has now become their refuge from the invading Grey Squirrel, and it is this habitat that you are most likely to see them, or signs […]

Our Summer Visitor, the Basking Shark

The North Coast is lucky enough to play host to the majestic basking sharks, which can be seen in Northern Irish waters from April to September.  This shark gets its name because it is most often seen feeding near the surface of the sea and appears to be ‘basking in the sun. Basking Sharks are […]


Swifts are those dark coloured streamlined birds with long pointed wings, which speed and scream over the rooftops of our buildings in the summer.  They are with us for just 3-4 months each year, bringing drama and excitement to our streets and skies. They have a fascinating way of life and a number of curious […]

Open your own butterfly cafe

Many of us enjoy watching butterflies flitting from flower to flower on sunny days, the peacock, meadow brown and speckled wood to name but a few. But have you ever thought about creating your own butterfly garden? It couldn’t be easier. By creating a butterfly area in your garden you are helping provide a nectar […]

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