Limavady’s Coastal Biodiversity Booklet

View from Gortmore

Limavady Borough has a spectacular coastline stretching from Longfield Bank in the west along the eastern shore of Lough Foyle around Magilligan Point and along Benone Strand towards Downhill, and is a rewarding place to visit for anyone interested in nature.

The coastline is exceptionally rich in biodiversity from its extensive sand dunes and its miles of pristine beaches, to Lough Foyle, which are all teaming with wildlife from harbour porpoise to dark green fritillary butterflies.

The Limavady Coastal Biodiversity booklet was developed as an introduction to the coastal biodiversity of Limavady Borough and highlights some of the sites and walks which let you experience this rich biodiversity. These are only a small selection from the many places along this coastline where it can be seen and experienced. Use this booklet as a starting point to dip your toes into Limavady’s coastal biodiversity.

You can download a copy or get a copy from Limavady Borough Council or Limavady’s Tourist Information Centre.