Drumaheglis Caravan Park & Marina

Drumaheglis Marina

Bann Woods North or the Bann Dumps are a series of six small woods, of which Drumaheglis is one, adjacent to the River Bann. They are located south of Coleraine and extending south to the Agivey Bridge close to Ballymoney.

These areas of woodland were created when material dredged from the River Bann, during the 1930’s was piped ashore and left to dry out in lagoons. They formed these flat areas of fertile ground.

The woods consist of conifer species with areas of hardwoods and many mixed hardwood/conifer areas throughout. There are some more mature trees along the edges of the river.

In 2013 Drumaheglis started ‘Going Native’, this exciting project will see Drumaheglis non-native trees being replaced over the following few years with a new native woodland which is an excellent way to help local species, providing sources of food, places of shelter and safety from predators, and bring the site users closer to our local biodiversity.

With the establishment of a native broadleaved woodland at Drumaheglis the bird life will really benefit.
Resident native woodland birds usually feed on the wealth of insects and other invertebrates for at least part of the year, turning to seeds and nuts during the winter months, while others feed on them through the year.

Spring migrants include willow warblers, black caps and redstarts.There are usually lots of members of the tit family too, in any broadleaved wood. Watch out for birds of prey too, including sparrowhawks and buzzards. Other species which spend at least some of their time in woodlands include chaffinches, willow warblers, pied flycatchers, and gold crests.

There is a nature trail which meanders around the site, along the Bann River and through the woodland.