Ball’s Point

Balls Point

Ball’s Point is located to the north of the Roe Estuary at one of the widest parts of Lough Foyle. It overlooks extensive intertidal mudflats and sandflats that provide a rich feeding ground for the thousands of migrating waders, ducks, swans and geese including ring plover and bar tailed godwit.

Ball’s point has the highest diversity of sediment and community types in Lough Foyle and holds large populations of bivalves sand gaper and peppery furrow shells. To the north of Ball’s point the sandy shore leads up to Magilligan Point and the start of the sand dune system. During the spring and summer the dunes are alive with moths such as the six-spot burnet moth and flowers such as lady’s bedstraw and devil’s-bit scabious.

Access and Facilities
Ball’s Point is located at the end of the Scotchtown Road. Turn off the Seacoast Road (A2) onto the Scotchtown Road adjacent to Bellarena Primary School and follow the narrow road to an informal car park. To the south the shore is owned and managed by Lough Foyle Wildfowlers Association and there is no public access.

Starting point grid reference: IC645 303