Drumaheglis Going Native

In 2013 Ballymoney Council started taking positive steps to enhance Drumaheglis Marine and Caravan Park, for the benefit of visitors, the local community and biodiversity through a series of improvement works, one of which was ‘Going Native’.

This exciting project will see Drumaheglis non-native trees being replaced over the following few years with a new native woodland which is an excellent way to help local species, providing sources of food, places of shelter and safety from predators, and bring the site users closer to our local biodiversity.

It will take a few years for the new native woodland to establishes, but it will be well worth the wait as native woodland are one of our richest habitats for wildlife, supporting everything from plants, lichens and fungi to insects, butterflies, small mammals and birds.

Planting trees, woods, hedges and shelterbelts can help connect wildlife habitats together. This helps species migrate as they adapt to changes in their environment.

Photograph courtesy of Robert Ashby.