Ballykelly Bank

Ballykelly Levels

Located on the eastern shore of Lough Foyle, Ballykelly Bank is bounded on one side by the Lough shore and on the other side by freshwater ponds, reedbeds and reclaimed farmland. If you take a walk you will be rewarded with views of waders and wildfowl such as oystercatchers, redshank, and lapwing. Keep an eye out for otter spraints and if you are lucky you may see one.

Access and Facilities
Ballykelly Bank is accessed from Station Road on the west side of Ballykelly village. The walk begins at the bridge over the Ballykelly River near Lough Foyle shore. It is a pleasant linear walk, starting and finishing at the same point, a distance of just over 4 miles in length. Parking is available at the bridge, at the end of Station Road from there cross over Ballykelly River, turn left and follow the road to the Lough shore.

Start point grid reference: IC614 235