Cranfield Bay, Randalstown/ Toomebridge

Cranfield Bay is on the shores of Lough Neagh, this give you an opportunity to watch out for some of the wetland bird species that depend on the Lough - the gracious Great Crested Grebe, Common Tern fishing in the summer and many wildfowl using the … [Read more...]

Lough Neagh

Did you know? Lough Neagh has the largest concentration of Great Crested Grebe in Ireland. Around 150 pairs of Common Tern come from Africa each year to breed on Lough Neagh. Nearly 70 pairs of Common Tern nest on an old torpedo platform in … [Read more...]

Tardree Forest, near Antrim

Tardree Forest is a mixed conifer forest with panoramic views over the County Antrim countryside and Lough Neagh. At the top of Tardree Hill there is a Geological Nature Reserve where you can find rhyolite, an igneous rock resulting from volcanic … [Read more...]

Rea’s Wood

Rea's Wood stretches for nearly one mile along the shores of Lough Neagh, heading south from Antrim town. Access is from Lough Shore Park in Antrim. Rea's Wood is a fine example of wet woodland being dominated by Alder, Willow and Birch trees and it … [Read more...]

Randalstown Forest and Farr’s Bay

Randalstown Forest and Farr's Bay are two small adjacent Nature Reserves on the north shore of Lough Neagh to the west of Randalstown. The Forest covers 430 acres and contains large broadleaved trees including Oaks as well as conifer plantation. The … [Read more...]

Rams’s Island

Ram's Island is a picturesque uninhabited island in Lough Neagh.  It is about 2 miles south-east of Gartree Point. The island has increased in size due to several lowerings of the lough level and is now the largest island in Lough Neagh. The Island … [Read more...]

Mill Race Trail, Antrim

The Six Mile Water is in fact 30 km long and rises on the slopes of Shane's Hill near Larne. The name is thought to have come from a crossing point over the river that was six Irish miles from Antrim. A scenic river corridor that can be accessed from … [Read more...]

Lough Shore Park, Antrim

Lough Shore Park in Antrim is a good access point to Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles. The area around the Lough is one of the most important bird habitats in Western Europe and it provides a home for thousands of … [Read more...]

Linear Park/ Canal walk, Toomebridge

Toome Linear Park is a 2km long walk to the shores of Lough Neagh. The Lower Bann is the only river to drain out of Lough Neagh here at Toome, where it makes its way to the Altantic near Castlerock. The Lower Bann is the river that the Eel enters … [Read more...]

Crumlin Glen

Crumlin Glen consists of mixed broad-leaved woodland with an attractive riverside walk leading to a waterfall and Cockle House. This site has a spectacular glen setting with waterfalls and steep, thickly wooded slopes. Look out for local river … [Read more...]