Mill Race Trail, Antrim

The Six Mile Water is in fact 30 km long and rises on the slopes of Shane’s Hill near Larne. The name is thought to have come from a crossing point over the river that was six Irish miles from Antrim. A scenic river corridor that can be accessed from Riverside in Antrim, Kirby’s Lane or Muckamore. A pathway runs beside the river to Muckamore, giving you an opportunity to enjoy and experience a river corridor habitat.

Watch out for species that use this habitat such as Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail and Dipper, you may even see the secretive Otter. The Six Mile Water is home to River Water Crowfoot an aquatic marigold species that is unique in to this river in Northern Ireland. Watch out for the Banded Demoiselle, a delicate damselfly with butterfly-like flittering flight, settle on the floating crowfoot in the river. You may even hear Dollaghan (brown trout) jump for food in the stiller pool areas of the river.
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