Biodiversity Games

Biodiversity Recording

The Biodiversity Games, is a recording project which is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, ‘Your Heritage’ Programme in partnership with eight Biodiversity Officers, which aims to get people involved in helping their local biodiversity by ‘getting them recording’.

The eight Biodiversity Officers, will be holding a series of events throughout the next couple of years to get people involved in recording their local biodiversity, giving them the skills to identify and record their biodiversity.

Recording is a very important part of helping look after our local biodiversity, there is a general lack of records and if we don’t know what biodiversity we have we can’t help conserve it!

Biodiversity Recording - Butterflies

Check out our events page for your nearest recording event or contact your local Biodiversity Officer.

Why not download our recording sheet and ‘help your local biodiversity – get recording!’

Ladybird Recording Sheet
Species Recording Sheet
Bee Recording Sheet
Butterfly Recording Sheet

It is very easy to get recording and help your local biodiversity; tell us what you have seen and where you saw it!

To submit a record you need to tell us:

  • What you saw
  • When you saw it (date and time)
  • Where you saw it (grid reference if you know)
  • How many you saw
  • Who you are (name and contacts)

You can find your location as a grid reference easily by visiting and zooming in on the map

Remember, your photographs can count as records too. If you find something and don’t know what it is you can send us your photographs

Please submit your records to your local Biodiversity Officer.

For more information on recording in Northern Ireland, contact the Centre for Data and Environmental Recording (CEDaR)