Have a really wild spring day at Gortin Glen Forest Park

You can have a really wild spring day at Gortin Glen Forest Park on Sunday 21st April, when the park comes alive with fun games and activities for all the family.  From 1pm to 4pm you can drop in and take part in all the free wildlife themed … [Read more...]

Red Squirrel

The native Red Squirrel is one of our most iconic and best-loved mammals, it is small and delicate with a deep red coat, bushy tail and tufted ears. Coniferous woodland has now become their refuge from the invading Grey Squirrel, and it is this … [Read more...]


The Waterworks contains two ponds, an upper and lower basin, constructed in the 1840s to serve as reservoirs.  In fact they only supplied Belfast with water for twenty years or so.  The ponds attract large numbers of waterfowl, and the two islands … [Read more...]

Lagan Towpath

The Lagan towpath runs alongside the River Lagan and the former canal between Stranmillis and Lisburn – a distance of almost 15 kilometres.  Along the way there is much evidence of the area’s industrial past in the form of disused locks and weirs.  … [Read more...]

Hazelwood Local Nature Reserve

Hazelwood is a Local Nature Reserve on the steep slopes of Cave Hill above Belfast Zoo and the Antrim Road.  It contains what is probably a remnant ancient hazel woodland and is therefore of great botanical interest. A system of stone paths was … [Read more...]

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a municipal park which opened in 1906.  The park is excellent for wildlife due to its proximity to tidal estuaries and the fact it contains a large area of open water. The open water section of the park is part of the Inner Belfast … [Read more...]

Cave Hill Country Park

Cave Hill Country Park is one of the most frequented regions of the Belfast Hills.  Visitors can ramble across the upland heath between Hazelwood and Carr’s Glen, and enjoy spectacular views of Belfast and beyond.  The park, which covers 300 … [Read more...]

Bog Meadows

Bog Meadows comprises the 16 remaining hectares of the Blackstaff River flood plains, and is therefore of historical significance.  Despite its position, wedged between Falls Road housing and M1 Motorway, it is extremely valuable for wildlife and is … [Read more...]

Belfast Harbour Reserve

The lagoon was formed when an area of the south shore of Belfast Lough was enclosed and infilled with mud dredged from the Lough.  Before this process was complete, rainwater formed a freshwater lagoon, which began to draw in large numbers of birds.  … [Read more...]

Divis Mountain

Divis Mountain is the highest of the Belfast Hills, some 480 metres above sea level, and is perhaps best known for the mast that rises from the summit.  The National Trust manages about 600 hectares.  The area is best known for the presence of … [Read more...]