Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a municipal park which opened in 1906.  The park is excellent for wildlife due to its proximity to tidal estuaries and the fact it contains a large area of open water. The open water section of the park is part of the Inner Belfast Lough Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI).

What is there to see?

Water birds, including mute swan, coot, moorhen, mallard, tufted duck, dabchick, and occasional visitors such as mandarin duck.  Up to twenty herons at a time often stand on the islands.  Waders, including oystercatcher and redshank. Parkland birds, including blue tit, great tit, goldfinch, chaffinch, reed bunting and twite (in winter).

When is the best time to visit?

Any time of year, although you are more likely to see visiting waders in winter.

Who looks after it?

Belfast City Council

Where can you get more information?

From Belfast City Council visit