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Biodiversity Projects

Mid Ulster Bird Ringing Project

Bird ringing is essential to the development of both bird science and bird conservation.  It dates back to 1899 when the first metal rings carrying a unique number were attached to the leg of a bird.  This innovation turned anonymous birds into recognisable individuals, identifiable as such for the rest of their lives. Ringing soon became a mainstay of migration studies worldwide, revealing … [Read More...]

Mid Ulster Biodiversity Project poster

The Mid Ulster Biodiversity Project poster provides a brief summary of the habitats and species that have been selected as Local Priorities through the Biodiversity Action Plan.It also highlights actions groups and individuals can undertake to help our local biodiversity.To view the poster, please click below:Mid Ulster Biodiversity PosterIf you would like a copy of the poster, … [Read More...]

Let us know what wildlife you see!

A 'Wildlife Records Text Number' is available to make it easier for people to tell us what wildlife they see.There is a great variety of wildlife throughout the Mid Ulster area – important habitats include unimproved grassland, woodland, fens, bogs, rivers, ponds and lakes.  Each of these habitats supports its own range of plants and animals.  An initial Biodiversity Audit has been undertaken … [Read More...]

Help the House Sparrow

The once familiar house sparrow is in decline, and is now even absent from parts of the west of Northern Ireland. It is thought that this decline is due to a reduction in available invertebrates to feed their young, a reduction in grains and seeds to sustain them through the winter, and the loss of nest sites.House sparrows are opportunist and will live wherever there is somewhere suitable to … [Read More...]

Mid Ulster Biodiversity Action Plan

The Mid Ulster area is endowed with a rich and diverse range of landscapes and wildlife habitats that together distinguish its special character and identity. The Mid Ulster Biodiversity Action plan illustrates the key habitats and species that can be found within the area, and highlights the increasing need to protect and value our local biodiversity resource. To view the Mid Ulster … [Read More...]

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