Cabin Wood

Cabin Wood, just outside Cookstown, is bordered by the Ballinderry and Killymoon Rivers.  Although still in its infancy, Cabin Wood glows with beauty, peace and tranquillity. The land has been planted with a mix of native trees; including alder, ash, birch, Scots pine, oak and willow.

Springtime visitors will see bluebell, wood anemone, wild garlic and lesser celandine which grow along the riverbanks. A pathway will lead you on your gentle stroll, lasting approximately half an hour. Keep an eye open for the red deer which sometimes visit Cabin Wood, by swimming across the Ballinderry River from Killymoon Estate. And as you walk over the brow of the gentle hill, cast your eye to the far side of the river: you’ll see beautiful Killymoon Castle and its impressive veteran trees.

Woodland Trust / Cookstown District Council