Mid Ulster Swifts

Swifts are those dark coloured streamlined birds which speed and scream over the rooftops of our buildings in the summer.  They have a fascinating way of life and a number of curious habits. Their Latin name, Apus apus, literally means ‘without … [Read more...]

A New ‘Home’ for Coalisland Otters

Otters (or least an otter), have taken up residence in an artificial holt built close to the Coalisland Canal. As throughout much of Europe, the wildlife in and around the canal has suffered in the past through poor water quality.  However, in … [Read more...]

Barn Owl Project

Barn Owl Project Walkers of the Coalisland Canal pathway may have noticed towering structures along the quieter sections of the route. Assisting the Dungannon & South Tyrone Biodiversity Action Plan, through the Ulster Wildlife Trust’s … [Read more...]

Irish Whitebeam Project

              The Irish whitebeam (Sorbus hibernica) is one of the few plants endemic to Ireland.  It is a small sized deciduous tree, with a smooth, grey, but sometimes ridged bark.  The oval … [Read more...]