We Need Your Christmas Trees!

Six Mile Water Bank Sabilisation Project Phase 1 - Jan 2013

Six Mile Water Bank Sabilisation Project Phase 1 – Jan 2013

It might seem that Christmas has only just past – but your real Christmas Tree could be used for another purpose in January 2014!
An exciting project is underway to improve the Six Mile Water within the park in Ballyclare. Sections of the river bank within the Six Mile Water Park have become, over the years, bare and weakened, resulting in significant bank collapse in times of heavy rain/flow. The result is a widening of the river channel causing very shallow river conditions in times of low rainfall and significant overspill in times of high rainfall.
Phase 1 of this project was completed in January 2013 with the section of the river at the leisure centre enhanced through the re-use of discarded Christmas Trees. The project will be continued this year to further enhance the river habitat.
So when it is time to bring down the decorations, bring your Christmas Tree to Bruslee Civic Amenity Recycling site. This year, instead of the Council chipping and paying for the disposal of hundreds of Christmas Trees, they will be put to good use, creating an artificial bank which will allow for the regeneration of the natural bank habitat.