Swift – Bird of the Borough

Antrim recently adopted the Swift as the Bird of the Borough!

RSPB Antrim Local Group were concerned that the number of Swifts returning to the borough had declined and some of their well-known nest sites had been lost so they raised the issue with Council with a request for the Swift to be the Bird of the Borough.

Swifts travel to Northern Ireland from Africa staying here for just over 3 months each summer. They eat, sleep and mate on the wing, never perching on wires or posts like swallows or martins. Swifts have shared our buildings for the last 2,000 years. However new building techniques and materials have made it more difficult for Swifts to find suitable nest sites, as a result the local Swift population has declined.

Antrim is lucky to have Swift populations in Antrim town, Crumlin, Parkgate, Templepatrick and Randalstown villages. A group has met to discuss possible local action to draw residents’ attention to the Swift and help in its conservation.

If you are a resident, builder, architect or developer and would like to know further information on the Swift, Bird of the Borough go to www.antrim.gov.uk/swift  or to get involved contact, Ruth Wilson, Biodiversity Officer:

E: ruth.wilson@antrim.gov.uk or T: 9446 3113 ext 1371.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress



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