Slieve Gullion Forest Park

Slieve Gullion

Slieve Gullion Forest Park is a predominantly conifer woodland, located on the side of a steeply rising mountain within the ‘Ring of Gullion Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. The Forest Park covers an area of 2500 acres. A 10km drive around the mountain offers the visitors spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. For the walker there is a route that leads to the top of Slieve Gullion Mountain, where a passage grave, cairn and volcanic lake can be found. For the less energetic a leisurely walk around the walled garden is a must, as is a 2km walk through Hawthorn Hill Nature Reserve. This mostly broadleaf mature woodland is home to a small population of red squirrels.

A group of enthusiastic locals and two hands on council officers have recently set up a Ring of Gullion Red Squirrel Group. The group aims to protect and help maintain the population of red squirrels in the Ring of Gullion and to provide whatever assistance possible to enable them to thrive. The group are encouraging people to get involved by joining up and putting their names forward on the Ring of Gullion website