Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

Sir-Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park is a large park on the southern outskirts of Belfast. The estate was bequeathed to Belfast by Lady Dixon in 1959. Although renowned for horticultural features such as the Rose Garden, this property contains expansive meadows, woodland and marsh, areas that attract wildlife from the nearby countryside.

What is there to see?

Birds, including a good range of parkland and woodland species, such as jay, mistle thrush, rook, willow warbler, swallow and flocks of tits and finches. Mammals, including badger, stoat, fox and pygmy shrew. Veteran trees including beech, oak and conifers such as redwood and cypress. Wildflowers, including oxeye daisy, hay rattle, common spotted orchid and cat’s-ear in the meadows, and bluebell, violet, lesser celandine and primrose in woodlands.

When is the best time to visit?

Spring for the woodland birdsong; May and June for meadow flowers; autumn for fungi.

Who looks after it?

Belfast City Council

Where can you get more information?

From Belfast City Council visit