Malone Golf Club Habitat Enhancements

The Golf Club was originally part of the 17th century Ballydrain Estate.  The site consists of parkland with mature trees and incorporates Ballydrain Lake, which is the largest area of open water in Belfast and a Site of Local Nature Conservation Importance (SLNCI).

The site is important for birds.  Species recorded on the site include bullfinch, skylark, song thrush, starling, buzzard and sparrowhawk.  The site also supports other notable species including bats and badgers.

Belfast City Council have been working in partnership with the Golf Club to enhance the biodiversity value of the site.  To date, a vegetative buffer strip has been created around the lake to create habitats for birds and improve water quality.  Invasive non-native species such as Laurel and Himalayan balsam have been controlled.  Members have been encouraged to record the wildlife they see while golfing and sightings are made available to all members.