Kilbride Cemetery gets a work team

A beautiful, crisp February morning saw 17 pupils from Kilbride Central Primary School joining local volunteers and the Council Cemeteries Team to do their bit for biodiversity at Kilbride Cemetery.

Some tree planting was the first job on the list with pupils planting hawthorn and blackthorn whips to fill gaps in the mature hedge which surrounds the site.  A copse of trees were also planted in the newly created Garden of Remembrance.  With all the digging done, the pupils got busy creating a habitat pile – a pile of logs, stones, twigs and leaves in the corners of the cemetery to provide valuable habitat for a wide range of insects.  And let’s not forget about the birds.  Local enthusiast, George Acheson, worked with pupils to build nest boxes which were then placed in the trees around the site.

The children involved worked hard to do their bit and discussions ranged from geo-caching to nocturnal animals, wildflower areas to ancient graves – a fascinating day out for everyone.
The pupils return to school after a hard mornings work in the fresh air ready for lunch!