Hedgerow Celebration in Antrim

A fun free hedgerow event will take place on Saturday 19 October, anytime between 10am to 3pm at Mill Race Trail, Kirby’s Lane car park, Antrim. Why not join us to help plant a hedge, try some hedgerow jam on a home baked scone and learn about growing plants from seeds.

The event is part of the Hedgerow Hopes Project which is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The aim of the Hedgerow Hopes project is to get local people involved to restore species-rich hedgerows in the Borough. This will benefit our local heritage and biodiversity.

This event will include hedgerow planting and is an opportunity to find out what wildlife our native hedges support and why they are one of nature’s greatest assets. Species-rich hedgerows are important to us as well as to our wildlife. They are of historical importance often marking townland or estate boundaries. They also provide colour, shelter and food, act as stock barriers, and prevent soil erosion.

Unfortunately, many of our native hedgerows have lost a lot of these benefits due to neglect or mismanagement. So, we’ve teamed up with Belfast, Carrickfergus and Newtownabbey Councils to restore and enhance the hedgerows in our area.

You can play your part too. We want people to get involved to help restore and manage these habitats. We’ll provide you with training to help you develop the skills required to support the restoration.

For further information or to book a place, please contact Ruth Wilson T: 028 9446 3113 ext 1371 or E: ruth.wilson@antrim.gov.uk

Hedgerow celebration - Antrim 2013