Creating a Christmas Tree Riverbank!

Christmas Tree Riverbank

An exciting project is underway to improve the Six Mile Water within the park in Ballyclare. Sections of the river bank within the Six Mile Water Park have become, over the years, bare and weakened, resulting in significant bank collapse in times of heavy rain/flow. This is largely due to a lack of bankside vegetation however the significant numbers of ducks on this site have added to the problem. The result is a widening of the river channel causing very shallow river conditions in times of low rainfall and significant overspill in times of high rainfall.

Re-constructed river bank at Six Mile Water Park.

Discussion with the Rivers Agency and local angling club resulted in a proposal that uses discarded Christmas Trees to strengthen the river banks. Every year Bruslee Civic Amenity Site takes and chips hundreds of Christmas trees – resulting in a cost to the council for the disposal. This year, the trees have been put to good use, creating an artificial bank which will allow for the regeneration of the natural bank habitat.

Thanks to Ken McFall, John Blair and Trevor Kirk from the cemetery department for their efforts in particularly bad weather to get this project underway. Look out for more work being done on the river after the next festive season.