Cranny Falls

Access is via a footpath that follows the route of the former mineral railway line from the harbour at Carnlough up the hill to the site of the quarry.

Cranny Falls includes a beautiful, secluded waterfall in a wooded valley and a disused limestone quarry, where there are cliffs, wetlands and well drained thin grasslands on old spoil heaps. The woodland includes hazel, ash, willow, hawthorn and elm and in places has a good groundflora. At the adjacent quarry site, pyramidal orchid, kidney vetch, mouse-ear hawkweed and teasel have been noted on the spoil heaps. There are reports of bee orchid from this site, probably growing on thin soils around the old quarry. Other common plants are oxeye daisy, common knapweed, meadow vetchling, bird’s-foot trefoil, eyebright and hop trefoil.