Teal Lough ASSI

Teal Lough probably has the finest hummock and pool complex of any raised bog in Northern Ireland.  The pools support aquatic Sphagnum mosses, along with stands of bogbean and pockets of submerged lesser bladderwort. In the margins, the rare … [Read more...]

Ballynahone Bog

At almost 250 Ha, Ballynahone Bog is one of the two largest intact, lowland, active raised bogs in Northern Ireland, and considered to be one of the best examples in the United Kingdom.  Vegetation communities vary from poor fen, through grassland … [Read more...]

Polepatrick Park

Polepatrick Park is a 9 acre site on the outskirts of Magherafelt.  The network of footpaths provide access for all abilities, through a host of different habitats which support a wide range of flora and fauna ranging from native woodland, wet … [Read more...]

Lough Beg

Lough Beg Nature Reserve is one of the finest ornithological sites in the British Isles with 171 recorded species of birds. Along with Lough Neagh, Lough Beg supports internationally important numbers of wintering wildfowl, and is a nationally … [Read more...]

Drumlamph Wood

Just outside Maghera, Drumlamph Wood is one of Northern Ireland's rare and precious ancient woods.  Drumlamph Wood has been traced back as far as 1599 and was once part of the extensive oak forest of Killetra in south-east County Londonderry. Look … [Read more...]

Slieve Beagh ASSI

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Ballysaggart Lough

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Round Lough ASSI

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Peatlands Park ASSI

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Washing Bay LNR

Washing Bay LNR is a 4 hectare site situated on the shoreline in the south west corner of Lough Neagh. It lies within an important wetland containing nationally important number of breeding birds and internationally important numbers of wildfowl in … [Read more...]