Craigavon Lakes Local Nature Reserve

Craigavon Lakes were created during the early 1970's when an area of low lying, poorly drained land was excavated to create the two lakes which we see today. The South Lake was designed to act as a balancing lake, releasing rainwater collected from … [Read more...]

Lurgan Park

Lurgan Park is Northern Ireland's largest and most beautiful urban park, the second largest town park in Ireland. It is enjoyed by as many as 2000 people every day. The beautifully landscaped parkland contains a number of well maintained paths which … [Read more...]

Slantry Wood Local Nature Reserve

Slantry Wood Local Nature ReserveThe land within Slantry Wood Local Nature Reserve was used for agricultural purposes until the 1960's when it came into public ownership. In the late 1960's the woodland areas were planted, while the meadow areas … [Read more...]

Oxford Island National Nature Reserve

Oxford Island National Nature Reserve is a peninsula created by the successive lowering of Lough Neagh. Bounded on three sides by water it is a haven for wildlife and a popular visitor attraction on the southern shores of Lough Neagh. It is home to a … [Read more...]