Burnside River Walk

This delightful river walk is beside Burnside village.  The Doagh River runs alongside the path and there is an abundance of wildlife to be seen. Keep your eyes peeled for kingfishers, otters and dippers who enjoy the good water quality. The variety of native trees, meadow grasses and wildflowers also support a huge number of birds and insects.

Unfortunately, this area has recently been home to a problem species – the grey squirrel!  This is a non-native species which competes with our native red squirrel.  The grey squirrel also causes damage to native trees through bark stripping.

This river walk is managed by Newtownabbey Borough Council however the local community works hard to keep it looking so well. Regular clean ups and planting events ensures that the area is kept looking its best.  This walkway is a credit to the local people.