Balloo Nature Reserve

Balloo Nature Reserve is made up of two nature reserves on either side of the Balloo Road in Bangor – Balloo Wetland and Balloo Woodland. The reserves are managed by Ulster Wildlife on behalf of their owners, Ards and North Down Borough Council.

Balloo Wetland Reserve is mainly open water fringed by marsh and has been transformed from a former waste ground into a wildlife haven. This 7.75 acre reserve consists of two large ponds, a circular boardwalk path which is pram and wheelchair friendly and a picnic area. The paths are a mix of gravel and wooden boardwalks, which allow for easy access and give good panoramic views of the site. The ponds and reed beds are overlooked in places by housing and the omnipresent wind turbine in Balloo Wood.

Balloo Woodland is full of mature native trees and woodland plant life, with a small pond to provide a home to some watery wildlife too.  Some of the species to look out for include oak, speckled wood butterfly, goldfinch and foxglove. Woodland butterflies such as the speckled wood are common enough as are the usual woodland birds including chaffinches, robins, blue tits and woodpigeons. Mammals range from wood mice to foxes, which doubtless rummage through any rubbish left around the recycling centre. Bats have also been recorded here. The smallest of our species, the pipistrelle, often roosts in trees, emerging at dusk to feed on insects.