Moth Night in Mid and East Antrim

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is encouraging residents to get outdoors to celebrate Moth Night.

Participants can get involved in a moth hunt, help set up moth traps, and learn more about marvelous moths. Everyone is also welcome to come back the following morning to help check the traps and record findings.

Entomologist Adam Mantell, who will be leading the moth night activities, said “Many people appreciate butterflies and are aware of the threats faced by our native butterfly species. However, perhaps due to their nocturnal habits, many people are unaware of how threatened some of our 1,400 species of moths are.  Although some are not as showy as butterflies, this year’s moth night is all about the stunningly beautiful Hawkmoths that would not look out of place in a tropical rainforest! These free Moth Night events in Mid and East Antrim are an ideal way of raising the profile of these under-appreciated creatures.”

Event details:

The People’s Park, Ballymena

Wednesday 8th June, 8pm-10pm

Diamond Jubilee Wood, Whitehead

Thursday 9th June, 8pm-10pm

Carnfunnock Country Park, Larne

Friday 10th June, 8pm-10pm