Have a Natural Adventure this summer!

Sixmilewater Park in Ballyclare, is a fantastic urban park which provide families and school groups with a variety of adventure all year long.  However, what happens when we forget how to play?

This Sixmilewater Park Adventure is a brand new web app which can be used by teachers, youth group leaders or parents to make every trip to the park an adventure!

Whether you want to learn about the birds who live in the pond or if you want to build a den or have a boat race, use the app to work out where best to complete all these fun and safe activities.

The Six Mile Water Adventure is the first in the Borough however we are keen to roll this out to all our parks. So, next time you are wondering what to do with the summer holidays, why not create an adventure of your own?

To download the app visit http://anbc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=18e27c9785a84acf9fe4ec4f907227e3

For more information on the adventure app T. 028 9034 0069 E. lindsay.houston@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk